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Market Access

FTF-I fosters socially responsible and sustainable consumption practices at various levels. We recognize the immediate benefits that broadening the domestic market base can provide for underprivileged producers, offering them a sustainable income source beyond just access to export markets. With this in mind, we prioritize the development of the Fair Trade market.

FAIR TRADE INDIA Brand:- Under the FAIR TRADE INDIA umbrella brand, we establish brand shops that sell fairly produced products directly to end consumers. These brand shops serve not only as retail outlets but also as hubs for knowledge dissemination and awareness creation about Fair Trade

Organizing Fairs and Exhibitions

FTF-I collaborates with government organizations such as the Office of Development Commissioner of Handicrafts, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), and Federation of Indian Exporters Organization (FIEO) to organize various fairs and exhibitions for our members. These events provide valuable platforms for showcasing Fair Trade products and connecting producers with potential buyers.

Policy Advocacy

Our policy advocacy efforts have influenced government policies to include Fair Trade products and practitioners in various events and programs such as exhibitions, haats, and fairs. FTF-I facilitates the Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair (IHGF) annually in collaboration with the Office of Development Commissioner of Handicrafts.

International Collaborations

FTF-I facilitates participation in fairs and exhibitions with international organizations and exporters, such as the Kunming Fair in China and the Dortmund Fair in the Netherlands. These opportunities help our members access global markets and promote their Fair Trade products on an international stage.

Partnerships and Outreach

We collaborate with various government departments, such as the Department of Environment, NCT of Delhi, to participate in exhibitions and events like the India International Trade Fair. Additionally, FTF-I engages in initiatives like the Craft Bazaar and Adivasi Mela to showcase and sell Fair Trade products, fostering sustainable livelihoods for artisans across India.