Process for Organizational Membership

The process for obtaining FTF-I membership (subject to fulfilling the eligibility criteria listed here) is detailed below:


  1. Application for Membership: The prospective organization expresses intent to join by sending an application for membership.
  2. Application Screening and Document Review
  3. Payment of Entry Audit Fee by the Applicant Organization & Finalization of Audit date with the Applicant Organization
  4. Appointing the Entry Auditor and Scheduling the Entry Audit
  5. Initial Management Meeting and Conducting the Orientation Training
  6. Carry out the Entry Audit and Project Site Visit
  7. Entry Audit Report Preparation & Submission by the Entry Auditor
  8. Circulation of the Entry Audit Report amongst the EC Members and Discussion amongst the EC Members
  9. Approval / Rejection of Membership by the Executive Council