Workshops and Seminars


2nd March 2017 – 5th March 2017

In March 2017, FTF-I entered the partnership with- NEDFi (North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd) for accreditation and capacity building of NE producer groups. FTF-I organized a workshop during the Crafts Conclave, to orientate the participants towards Fair Trade. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Samuel Masih, Ms. Moon Sharma, and Ms. Meenu Chopra. It was attended by around 40 representatives from 35 producer groups.

Women on Wings

26th May 2016

FTF-I signed a MoU with Women on Wings (WOW) to facilitate high-quality capacity building workshops to the members, as a part of its Business Development Service.The agreement with FTF-I involves its members which are working with at least 200-250 women employees/artisans, relaxing their criteria of 500 employees/artisans.