Governance Structure

Fair Trade Forum – India is governed by Executive Council. Management of the activities and funds of the Forum vests with the Executive Council. Executive Council is constituted by election among the members – once in two years. The Council consists of a minimum of seven elected members (and maximum nine members) of which, at least one is a woman. These elected members, from among themselves, elect: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Jt. Secretary and Treasurer. Executive Council meets as many times as required with a minimum of three meetings in a year in – between the annual meetings — to approve the plans, to review / supervise the activities of the Forum. Efforts are made for getting representation from each of the region in the council. The responsibilities of the EC members have been well defined. The National Secretariat is led by the Executive Director, whose responsibility is to manage all operational aspects of the organization.


Executive Council Representative Responsibility of the EC Representative
President I. Shall preside over the Executive Council and General Body Meetings

ii. Shall have a casting vote in case of a tie on any matter at any of the meetings in which he/she is presiding.

iii. Shall guide the office-bearers and the members of the Forum in performing their duties, obligations and assignments.

iv. In the absence of the budgetary approval or, in an extra-ordinary situation, if considered necessary, shall have the executive power to authorize expenses up to Rs. 50,0001-.on administration and up to RS.2.00 lakh on any project from the common fund.

v. Shall be consulted by the Secretary in day-to-day administration, appointments and dismissal of employees of the Forum.

vi. Shall be kept appraised by the Secretary and/or by the Chief Executive of the Forum or day-to-day functioning and on matters connected with the assets and liabilities of the forum.

VII. Shall be a member of the Board of appeal to receive and review any complaint or other matters that may be represented to by the members of the forum.

Vice- President i. In the absence of the President or by his / her direction, the Vice President shall chair the Executive Council 1General Body Meetings and shall have a casting vote in case of a tie on any matter at any such meetings.

ii. Shall perform the duties of the President is away and 1 or has been so directed by the President. .

Secretary i. Shall be the Chief Executive of the Forum and shall be the authorized and responsible person of the Forum to sue or to be sued for and on behalf of the Forum.

ii. Shall maintain minutes of proceedings of the Executive Council and General Body meetings

iii. ShaJI maintain Membership register and records of all correspondence concerning membership matters

iv. Shall enforce observance of all rules / bye-laws of the Forum by all the office bearers, members, staff and other stake holders

v. Shall receive, reply and otherwise deal with any correspondence

vi. Shall receive and do all correspondence, representations, memorandum etc. unless as per protocol, it is desired that the communication be signed by the President or delegated to the office bearers or officers of the Forum in writing.

VII. Shall, in consultation with the President, appoint and/or terminate the services of the staff members of the Forum and maintain their record, decide on their promotions, perks and other statutory matters.

VIII. Shall send and receive all notices including notices of Executive Council and General Body Meetings.

ix. Shall have executive powers to authorize expenses or to spend uptoRs. 25,0001- for any purpose that, in his/her opinion, is necessary for the functioning of the Forum and its activities, without prior approval of the Executive Council.

x. In times of emergency or urgency, in consultation with the President, empowered to take decisions and act to protect the interest, welfare and or reputation of the members and that of the Forum.

xi. May, from time to time, in writing delegate any of the powers vested vide iii, v, vi and vii or otherwise to anyone of the office bearer of paid executive to perform on his/herbehalf.

Jt. Secretary i. In the absence of the Secretary or by his/her direction, the Joint Secretary shall perform the duties/responsibilities of the Secretary.

ii. The Secretary in consultation with the President may in writing allocate some of his/her responsibilities to the Joint Secretary.

Treasurer I. Shall operate the Bank Accounts of the Forum jointly with the Secretary and/or President:

ii. Shall ensure proper maintenance of accounts and records of the assets, liabiJities, receipts, revenues, expenditures of the Forum.

iii. Shall ensure periodical reports of financial activities of the Forum are prepared and present the same to the Executive Council.

iv. Shall arrange for auditing of accounts by approved Chartered Accountants and arrange for and seek the approval of the Executive Council and the General Body.

v. Shall ensure financial discipline, supervise expenses and arrange investments within the budgeted and approved limits set by the Executive Council.


Executive Director i. Providing leadership in order to manage and leverage strategic aspects of the organisation’s profile with donors and critical stakeholders to increase the resource base and generate more funds for the activities of the organization

ii. Providing technical and specialized resource mobilization and communication skills to increase the diversified funding of FTF-I.

iii. Leading the development of communications and resource mobilization strategies to make FTF-I known in Indian society as a recognized voice for marginalised communities and Livelihoods support network through Fair & ethical business practices of 100+ Fair Trade Organisations in India.

iv. Identifying opportunities for partnerships with organizations and individuals in sync with the FTF-I’s mission and vision; Building the partnership through continuous communication with the prospect; preparing proposals / Agreements; Setting up of Systems & processes required for implementing the partnership; Relationship management through continuous communication with the partners.

v. Managing all aspects of contracts for FTF-I including advice and guidance on donor policies and procedures, clarifying reporting requirement and time frames, submission of payment request.

vi. Ensuring that all major funds are well managed and reported, attaining their objectives, and implemented within agreed budgets and timelines.

vii. Leading the team in organizing activities, such as organizing donor visits to projects and programs, review of programs, learning visits, which will contribute to building stronger donor relationships.

viii. Developing and overseeing a Social Media Plan for brand enhancement and deputing volunteers for implementing the Plan.

ix. Promoting Business Development Services/Advisory Services for members and facilitating market access for them.

x. Recruiting/appointing staff.

xi. Keeping the team motivated and driving them to put in their best performance; Ensuring timely review and appraisal of the Team

xii. Ensuring regular Interns and volunteers (National and International); Orienting the Interns and Volunteers about the Network of the Fair Trade Fraternity and taking responsibility of their wellbeing to ensure the desired organizational growth.

xiii. Maintaining healthy relationship with the Membership, Executive Committee and staff and keeping all stakeholders well informed about the working of the National Secretariat