Capacity Building

Fair Trade is a means to develop producers’ independence. FTF-I provides training, workshops, seminars, expert volunteer services, market facilitation and dissemination of information to build the capacities and efficiency of its member organisations and its producers.

The end-product of capacity building is to increase and achieve greater support for marginalized producer groups.

FTF-I helps in facilitating adaptation of artisans skills through Design and technology intervention, Development of new designs and prototypes, exposure of the practicing craftsmen for developments taking place in the field of Design, technology, market intelligence, management skills and knowledge on packaging supply of improved tools and equipment to the crafts persons revival of languishing crafts to preserve traditional heritage.

FTF-I also conducts various training’s and workshops on market access and domestic retail to equip the skills of the member organisations on how they can market their ‘fairly’ produced products in the Indian market.

Women producers are given special trainings not only to build their design and craft skills, but also for their health and nutrition, education and vocational skills.

Trainings provided are focused on enterprise skills, such as market analysis, distribution and business management, identifying the technologies that would benefit those most, and would help them to participate better. The women are also informed in organising themselves into SHG groups.

This helps them in micro finance and be self dependent. Many women producers have come together to form one single producer group and are working for various FTO’s. Training’s that help women to engage successfully with larger markets are particularly valuable to help women profit from new enterprises.