PRAGYA; an NGO working for the welfare of Himalayan farmers conducted a workshop on 6th March 2019 in New Delhi, at the Indian Habitat Center. This multi-stakeholder consultation by Pragya was addressed by some very prominent experts in the field of global Agricultural experts along with Business leader & Marketing Consultants. The audience of the workshop displayed a wide cultural diversity with farmers from different parts of the Himalayas, including Leh, Uttarkashi, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. The Workshop addressed the issue of “A responsible Trade Network for Himalayan Agri-produce” where the issue and its solution were suggested by the experts.

Fair Trade Forum- India President, Iytha Mallikarjuna was invited at the Event for the panel discussion on Ethical and Equitable Trade Partnership- promoting Fair Trade along Himalayan Agro-Products value Chain. On behalf of FTF-I, Mr.Iytha presented as into how adhering to Fair Trading practices can help promote Fair trade along the Himalayan farmers and what are the concerns that needs to be addressed and looked into to start the fair trade and benefit the primary producers instead of filling the pockets of big business tycoons and starving our farmers. the session was very interactive with farmers consulting the experts regarding their problems and the healthy dialogue certainly proved very beneficial on both the ends. It was a really great initiative by PRAGYA that helped bring together the Practical aspects of the farmers meet the technical Expertise from the Guests lead to fruitful discussion.

After The discussion diferent groups also set up their information Booth in the hall where the guests from around the country took turns to understand the work being performed by different NGO gruops. FTF-I also had an information booth set up, that informed the audience about our work and principles. we had also  potrayed the products produced by different member organisation. the audience were quite fascinated by the beautiful and unique Products by our members including the seedable pencil and notebooks along with jute bags and candles. This workshop also brought many willing to be members in the FTF-I team.