Fair Trade Forum – India placed 13 POCs last year in Al – NafishProteins, 13 in ChamdaUdyog and 4 in Lajij Hotel. On March 20th the FTF team visited Al- Nafish Proteins to monitor the working conditions and to take feedback from the POCs about the same. The 13 POCs who were placed initially are still working at the factory and are happy with the work. One of the POCs Mohd. Zahid has now turned into a contractor and has employed 14-15 more POCs and is planning to start a unit of his own. Mr. Zahid gave the team a tour around the factory and explained the entire meat processing process. He also explained that the organ, POCs are working on is the most valuable product in meat processing.

The observations made by the team were that though the POCs are being paid well and are happy with the job there is no assured social security for them. The POCs are not provided with complete safety gears. The living conditions they are provided with are poor and unhygienic.

The team assured Mr. Zahid that FTF will be happy to help with the documentation part for the factory if required.